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TDR Reels

Daiwa Reels Technoligies


AirBail Design

DAIWA's innovative bail design (Patent-nr. EP10384371B1) featuring a hollow tubular stainless steel bail for maximium rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Due to the smooth, protrusion-free design of the Air Bail®, even loose line common after a cast slides easily down the bail onto the line roller as the reel is turned, without snagging or hanging up.

Anti-Backlash System (ABS)

The super system, that allows long casts and prevents line twist reliably. The running of the line from the spool usually occurs in different big loops depending on the reel's type. The best approach for preventing twist of the line is the generation of large windings. DAIWA reels with ABS have spools, which are constructed in such way that they have a spool guide of very large diameter which is getting bigger towards to the spool's top. Thus there won't emerge any "cones" during winding this spool. Like this the line unwinds in big loops and very evenly from the spool and thus prevents the twisting of the line. Thanks to this system also longer casts are possible.

Air Metal Body

Reels featuring a magnesium body and rotor are excelled by their drastically reduced weight compared to conventional aluminum reels.

Our Air Metal technology processes the magnesium in a special way, leading to full corrosion resistance, which would be not possible without this special processing. Thus, you can enjoy a DAIWA Air Metal magnesium reel also at salt water fishing.



Air Rotor

With a revolutionary design, the
AIR ROTOR’s unique shape
reduces unnecessary weight
while distributing stress more
evenly throughout the rotor for
maximum strength, more even
line lay, sensitive bite detection,
and smooth spinning


Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD)

This is a new generation of drag adjustment system that constantly adjusts tension according to the pull of the drag.
While smoothness and trolling abilities are the key in smaller types of spinning reels and power-assist reels (electronic
reels), for larger spinning reels like the SALTIGA, it prevents any decrease in power while pulling up heavy rigs. No matter which type of reel, it allows anglers to concentrate on the fishing, not on setting the drag.



CRBB Ball Bearings

Shielded for extra protection. Unlike ordinary "corrosion resistant"  bearings with un unprotected open race, DAIWA's CRBB ball bearings are shielded to seal out sand, fine grit, salt crystals and other abrasives for even longer life.

CRBB ball bearings feature an 12 times higher corrosion resistance than usual ball bearings.


DAIWA´s unique Crosswrap Line Laying System, cross wraps the line on the spool avoiding line dig, increases line pick up and further increases casting distance.

The Cross Wrap System, prevents the twisting of braided lines around the axis, a problem spin anglers had in the past.


DIGIGEAR has successfully
developed machined, digitally
developed gearing for maximum
performance. Perfecting
technology, the introduction of
DIGIGEAR II brings you even
more power and extraordinary
smooth running. By tapering the shape of the line a cone, it allows you to
spool the line on the line roller,
minimizing line twisting that
occurs when the rotor spins,
reducing the greatest weakness
of spinning reels – line twisting
and snarling. The smooth, protrusion- free design of the Airbail® allows
lines to slide easily down the bail
onto the line roller as the reel is
turned,.reducing the problem of
snagging or tangling. Because it
features a hollow tubular design,
maximum rigidity and strength
is achieved with minimum weight.

Real Four
Real Four technology - combination of Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance and Real Custom combining for unmatched strength, refinement and performance.
Engine Plate
Set on both sides of the main body, the engine plates apply direct pressure to bearings and gears to enable perfect meshing of the gears.
Perfect metal alloy, with more precise processing , durable and very lightweight metal reels.
These reels have a technological advantage and they are not - compared to other synthetic reels - more expensive and in comparison to our traditional reels they have an economic price..

Infinite anti-reverse

A weak point of many reels - the most reliable part of a DAIWA reel. Only high-quality parts, made of steel with smallest tolerances are used.

The Infinite Anti-Reverse System limits rearward backplay handle movement to almost zero for solid hooksets with less shock to the reel. No handle slap-back on hooksets and nor release of slack line.


MagForce 3D

The Magforce 3D system offers you the choice, how far the magnets are placed from the spool, therefore adjusting the drag strength. By the switch you can adjust the drag in 3 steps:

    Provides maxiumum magnetic braking - very helpful when casting into the wind or with big wind-resistant baits.
    Slightly reducing the inductor cup's movement into the magnetic field provides a reduced braking action at maximum speed. Perfect all-round setting for most apllications.
    The magnets move to the furthest distance from the inductor, so magnetic braking is minimized for maximum spool speed - great for longer distance.



MagForce Z

Outperforms ordinary centrifugal breaks. Easily adusts to any skill level to control backlash. Magforce-Z is the latest generation of DAIWA´s unique magnetic anti backlash control for the experienced angler.

This drag system combines the best attributes of old-fashioned mechanical braking with today´s advanced magnetic braking technology.

Mag Sealed

A membrane of magnetic oil between the rotor and the shaft can e.ectively prevent the penetration of sea water or dust. Smooth rotation is sustained because there is no contact
between the rotor and the shaft. Even after using it for a long time, it maintains top-level performance as if brand-new.
There are a number of reasons why unnecessary noises are produced while rotating. Aside from the penetration of salt and foreign particles, there is also the possibility that it fell into the water. Whatever the reason, the rate of occurrence of unnecessary noises is significantly reduced when Magsealed shaft is used. Statistics show that after the introduction of the Magsealed shaft, the di.erence in data is more pronounced the longer it is used. This demonstrates that its e.ectiveness is maximized along with the length of time used, exhibiting
the high water-proofing and dust-proofing level of the Magseal.


Quick Drag

Quick Drag системата е стандарт при макарите на DAIWA от висок клас. Тази технология позволява бързо регулиране на аванса със завъртане само на половин оборот, което улеснява значително по време на риболов.


Silent oscillation
By the special position and guidance of the oscillation-gear wheels we improved the smoothness of the gear in comparison to usual systems of similar construction.
T-WING System

The T-Wing System of DAIWA solves an age old problem with baitcasting reel levelwind systems.

The "T" aperture allows line to flow freely through the wide top section on outcast, reducing the normally sharp angles, and friction that slow line flowing through a narrow aperture when exiting the reel.

For retrieve line drops in the narrow, lower channel of the "T-Wing" for even distribution across the spool width.


Twist Buster

DAIWA´s original advanced technology designed to reduce line twist. An essential reason for line twist has been eliminated with this smart idea.

The newest Twist Buster II (Patent-Nr. EP0876760B1) line roller not only minimises line twist, but also reduces further friction between the line and the roller.

Ultimate Tournament Drag - UTD

The DAIWA Ultimate Tournament Drag System includes impregnated drag discs, which are about 30 times more durable than normal discs.

The effective drag power is considerably increased compared to normal drag systems.

An additional advantage is the reduced start-up resistance - the drag starts working, when the adjusted drag power is reached and drags smoothly and steadily.

Zaion body / rotor


ZAION is a super strong material
made from high- density carbon
strain fiber that is lightweight,
solid, and corrosion-resistant.
Zaion’s rigidity surpasses magnesium, and is usually used for reel bodies, rotors, and other main body parts, simultaneously solid, yet lightweight.